Muscle & Fat

After reading an article by a health educator in, I learnt a lot & changed some of the concepts I had about muscle & fat!
I shall summarise my findings here...

Fat & muscles are two completely different tissues. Muscle metamorphosis is untrue. Fat cannot turn into muscles through exercise nor muscles turn into fat via lack of training!

The ammount of fat in your body is determined by how many calories you consume minus how many you burn up. Calories can come from protein, carbs or dietry fat.

Muscles are made up of thousands of individual cells. The ammount of cells in each muscle cannot increase nor decrease! However, each cell has the ability to grow in size, density & efficiency. Changes in either quality is influenced by the ammount of stress put on them. This is assuming the person has a well-balanced diet.

Now I have a better idea of what is going on in my body...
I can train muscles & see no effects because the fat is covering it.
I can drink tons of protein but see no effects on muscle growth.
What I have to do is have a well-balanced diet, burn fat & train muscles.


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