Hidden From You

Behold, thou art my sweet
Gentle, soft yet incomplete
from thy head unto thy feet
Oh, how I long for us to meet

As I lay in disarray
Finding circumstance in our way
Our hustling and bustling everyday
Oh, how I long to go away

Just for a day or even two
Finding isolation plus inclusion too
Dancing about to our lovers' tune
Oh, how i long for this to be true

Behold, open your heart and see
Engaged as i am found to be
in my heart thou art constantly
Oh, how i long for you and me

Painting by Pamela Williams taken from allposters.com


  1. Anonymous19/7/07 09:55

    Now I see where all the poems are coming from..Someone is seriously getting poetic.Write something for me.Something fab!

  2. sounds like someone's in love...

  3. emo svp....ce mec est dans l'amour...ooo la la...who's this for?

  4. The poem is for みやびなかやま...


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