The Greatest Torment

Isn't it cruel to have tasted sweetness at its best,
and then have it taken from you in a sudden?

Isn't it cruel to have desire for this wonderful sweetness,
and yet still know another drop of dew is far from attainable?

Isn't it cruel to have such a sweet & cuddly creation,
be capable of such... ignorance?

Isn't it cruel to have a heart that can still long for wad is lost?
This is the greatest torment...


  1. Anonymous12/2/07 15:00

    u ok there? how's ur house shifting and all? hope all's good! :)

  2. ggosh, u look so kakoii in that picture. nice lighting, nice shadow, and angle.

    PS: ur quite jiwang ek... heheh...

  3. You are not alone
    *warm hugs*

  4. Thanks for the comment : ) You should come and hang with us one day. Come and join car rally which is our next event this coming Saturday. It'll be great to get to know you better. Cheers.

  5. nodding~ agree wit u *sigh*

  6. buddy, we're growing up because of these... take it easy and long time no seee..hope to see you soon and play soccer!!!


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