Teaching Experience

Teacher of Lower-Intermediate Adult ESLFeb – Apr 2017
• Challenging and developing students’ communicative ability in tailored lessons based on ongoing assessments of individual strengths and weaknesses
• Improving students writing through student self-correction with explicit and implicit feedback provided through the review and comment functions in Word and Pages
• Improving student speaking through self-correction with explicit feedback provided through video recording and electronic conferencing tools
• Engaging students outside of the classroom with electronic tools like Facebook and Duolingo as students severely lacked opportunities to use English outside the classroom
• Tutoring struggling students outside of classroom hours to take responsibility of their ability to pass the course and achieve the learning goals of the curriculum
• Designing handouts to supplement text-heavy textbook which are too challenging for students

Co-Teacher of Intermediate Adult ESL Feb – Apr 2016
• Mentored a beginner co-teacher through resource sharing, open dialogue, and peer-observation
• Engaged students outside of the classroom with electronic tools like Facebook and Instagram as students severely lacked opportunities to use English outside the classroom

New York, NY
Teacher of Advanced Writing Adult ESL Feb – Apr 2017
• Designing pedagogical and comprehensive handouts for every lesson to elicit prior knowledge, differentiate learning, and support instruction as facilities, tools, and resources were scarce
• Supporting student productions for the ESOL Speaks student literary magazine

Song, Sarawak, Malaysia
Head of the English Lang. Panel Jan 2013 – Aug 2015, Jan 2010 – Dec 2011
• Won the Excellent Service Award presented by Sarawak State Education Department in 2011
• Raised the efficacy and effectiveness of a team of 8 secondary school ESL teachers through formal and informal meetings as well as peer-learning and professional development programs
• Improved standardized test results through a comprehensive yearlong action plan which included afterschool tutoring classes, camps, workshops, and talks in collaboration with the public and private sector at no cost to the students
• Enriched students’ learning of English level through fun events and competitions at the school-level
• Facilitated student-participation in at least 10 district-level English language interschool competitions
• Motivated students to write in English through a pen-pal project with other students nationwide
• Engaged students with extra reading material on the notice boards inside their classrooms through the inception of a monthly graphic novel and monthly newspaper made and led by students
• Supplemented an under-resourced library with reading materials sourced from public contributions

Head of Student Accommodations Jan 2011 – Dec 2012
• Administered accommodations to more than 300 students at no cost with the assistance of an administrative team of 8 teachers and 3 support staff
• Promoted English language development of students though murals and inspirational posters
• Improved students’ academic performance through talks, camps, workshops, and extra classes
• Promoted diversity through cultural events to engage students in cultures other than their own
• Promoted health and well-being thorough a wide variety of wellness and sports events
• Ensured the quality of student meals and cleanliness of the dining hall

Teacher of ESL to Adolescent Learners Jan 2009 – Aug 2015
• Delivered keynotes, presented, and participated in local and international educational conferences
• Developed and examined national examination papers at the secondary and matriculation levels
• Conducted pedagogy workshops for Ministry of Education teachers and Teach For Malaysia fellows
• Developed individualized lessons incorporating collaborative learning, multiple intelligences, and communicative approaches to language teaching despite large class sizes
• Developed students’ metacognitive awareness through journaling tailored to their level of proficiency
• Developed speaking skills of students through classroom tasks, presentations, and role plays
• Raised quality and overall standardized test performance by providing afterschool tutoring to both struggling, borderline-pass, and potentially excellent students

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Teacher of ESL to Adolescent Learners Jun – Sep 2008
• Won the Excellent Practicum Teacher Award presented to only 5 practicum teachers out of 125
• Taught 3 communicative ESL classes at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
• Developed students’ metacognition and writing abilities through a weekly blog writing program

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