Super Speedy Service Renewing My Passport In Kuching

This is what my new passport looks like.
Sorry, can't show you what's inside because you might puke blood after viewing my photo.
Today, I went to the Immigration Office in Kuching to get my passport done & I was really surprised to walk in at 9am & walk out at 10am with my new passport in hand. The immigration staff were friendly & they answered all my questions politely. No more grumpy officers of past.

I had plenty of questions before coming here as I didn't want to get caught in a crowd & I didn't want to have to come back another day because I forgot something. I wrote this to help you get a better idea of what to expect when you need to renew your passport at an immigration office.

Operation hours at the Simpang Tiga office are: Mon-Fri: 7.30am -5.30pm
Lunch hour: 1pm - 2pm     Friday prayers: 12.15pm - 2.45pm
Swarm hours: Mondays & Fridays are the busiest. The crowd begins at 930am.

Renewals can also be done at the immigration office at UTC Sarawak in the TopSpot carpark opposite LHDN. Still, I prefer to go to the one at Simpang Tiga because there are plenty of FREE parking. The UTC is open until 9pm so it'll be a good option if you go after work.

Bring this to renew a passport: current passport, IC & Cash. Come personally.
There is no need to bring passport photos as the immigration officer will take one on the spot.

Passport renewal charges:  These are the latest rates (updated: 15 Jan 2015)
5 years validity = RM200 (I paid RM300 to do mine a week ago... grr....)
There are special concessions available for elderly, children, those going on a Haj & OKUs.

The entire process:
1. Take a number
2. Wait for number to be called. Go to respective counter. Verify personal details. Right & left thumbprint verified. Signature. Right thumbprint blackened & marked on form. Photo taken.
3. Wait for name to be called at cashier. Collect IC. Pay. Collect receipt. You will be told that your passport can be collected after 1 hour.
4. Go to collection counter. Hand in payment receipt. Wait. (For me, this took only 20 minutes!!!) Sign that you have collected. Verify right thumbprint. Sign on passport. Done!!

Q: What happens if you renew a passport which still has 1 year remaining? Can I top up? (Asking on behalf of mom)
A: No. The new passport validity period (2 or 5 years) will begin from the day you renewed it + 6 extra months. Any remaining time from the previous passport will be voided.

Q: What if my passport was issued in another place like KL? Can I renew it in Kuching? (Asking on behalf of gf)
A: Yes. You can renew your Malaysian passport from any immigration office at all immigration offices nationwide.

As a society, we are usually quick to complain when things go badly but we never stop to compliment or even say thank you when things go well.
Therefore, this blog post is also a tribute & appreciation of the quick & great service provided at the immigration office in Kuching.
Well done, guys!!!


  1. Where are you going? I nak ikut!!!

  2. Pls update ur life there here in this blog too^^

    1. Hi, Silverin!
      I will share about my experiences here. That's for sure! =)

  3. Anonymous11/5/15 21:15

    Need your help as I only got 1 day in Kuching to renew my passport so want to make sure I got it right. Can I ask whether you have to fill an application form?

    1. If I remember correctly, they will print out your existing details on their database. You have to verify or notify if there were any changes.
      You can definitely get it done in one day. Just remember to go early though. Don't take any chances.

  4. Thank you! I found information i need in your blog.

  5. can i apply a mykad in 2 hours also?

  6. NEWS!!!!

    New Mykad is ready 24 hours only at PUTRAJAYA
    10 working days in Peninsula Malaysia
    30 working days in East Malaysia

    thanks again. Great blog

    1. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea because I did mykad many years ago. If I do it again, I'll definitely share my experience.

  7. Just for the record I did Mycard last Sunday within the hour. Driving Licence within 30 mins. All officers both at the National Registration Dept and JPJ are all courteous. Well Done and keep it up guys.


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