Off For Holiday!

Dear friends,

I'll be away for 2 weeks on holiday!
I'll be visiting Indonesia (Surabaya & Mt. Bromo), Melaka & KL.
Will get back to blogging when I can!

p/s: I'm going to try to reproduce this picture!

taken from wikipedia


  1. Have fun and when u got back do a photolog!! =)

  2. Jealous Jealous Jealousssssss !!

    Have lots of fun and good luck!


  3. Have a fun voyage there! :D

  4. waiting for your pictures!

  5. woohoo! have a good one :) :) take lots and lots of photos! x

  6. Vio: Thanks!
    Connie: Working on the blog post right now!
    Sarah: I will!
    Jessica: Voyage? I'm not taking a boat.
    Alice: I will!
    CMei: You dont have to wait long!
    June: I did!
    Nigel: Thanks, dude!


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