Merry 2008 Christmas

I'd like to wish all my avid readers, casual readers, occasional readers, stumblers & those who may never visit again a...

I have only one thing to say today...
Christmas is a time to give thanks & remember one man...

taken from

Not this guy...

taken from

But this cool dude!
in case you dont know, his name is Jesus or Isa.

Love as you would want to be loved this new year!
Have a good one!


  1. hey Jarod

    merry christmas. i was about to send u a txt, but it cudnt get tru. no credit. hehehehe. pokai now.

    anyway, may u hv a very merry xmas. happy holidays n happy new year.

    cheers, Kay

    p/s: i dont wanna mention about you-know-wat..its time to celebrate, not to worry ;)

  2. merry xmas jarod!

    have a blast! =)


  3. haha.. I like the 2nd picture...

  4. merry belated christmas . better late than never .

  5. Thanks, guys!
    Have a Happy New Year!


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