Cohort 2 Farewell BBQ

Only a week before, we were...
short of money...
running out of time...
jaded from 4 years of patience & sub-par treatment...
exhausted from a ineffective but veeery long course...
And with 2 failed attempts at organising a farewell dinner...
the cohort settled to not doing it completely.

As our time at this cream of the cream Malaysian institute moves into its twilight...
There was bitter bickering from several professional corners of the institute...
People who had no direct contact with us were criticising us for not having an annual dinner...
Saying that we were useless & not united...
Saying that we never contributed anything to the institute...
Saying that we should have one to appreciate our lecturers (who respected our decision not to)...
Saying that our juniors had a grand dinner every year with ball dancing & all that glitter...
It was getting out of hand.

That was when a few individuals of the Cohort gathered the leaders in the Cohort for a serious consideration...
of an annual dinner.
This is what we came up with & of which the Cohort agreed to...

On Sunday, 3 Dec...
We had the Cohort 2 Farewell BBQ!
Our last event in IPBA.
Our final farewell.

It was relaxed...
It was economical...
It was personal...

It was held at IPBA's very own Quadrangle!
Even without the use of spotlights or candles, the place lights up really nicely when the lights in the corridors of the adjacent buildings are turned on.

What did I do that night?
Besides helping out a bit with the preparations, I was also the host.
In the picture, I hosted a fun & simple game where everyone had the chance to be on stage.
After my game, ShiYing & JuLi twisted everyone's brains with a game of trivia.

We had a generous helping of food that night.
From the lychee & pineapple punch to the fried spring rolls to the savoury sandwiches to the seafood kebabs to the BBQ chicken to the dessert, everything was made from scratch!
Everything tasted so good too!

The entertainment for the night was a go at the newly released Guitar Hero: World Tour!
Everyone who wanted had the chance to sing or play the guitar on this music instrument simulation.
The guys really went crazy with this new toy but the real rocker was Adel who looked really comfortable with the mic.

Besides that, Azhar "Ali G" produced this entertaining video for the BBQ, "Cohort 2 Boys Merapek".
Check it out!
It's really funny!

As a parting gift, everyone had a copy of this picture.
Included in the picture are all the 124 members of B.Ed.TESL Cohort 2.
Nothing like a picture to go with the memories, eh?

After this event, I started to appreciate everyone in Cohort 2 even more.
We've been together through thick & thin.
Thanks for joining hands & working together when push comes to shove...
We did more than the haters thought we could...
Besides, we didnt have to prove anything to them!
We did this for ourselves!
Cohort 2 for Cohort 2!

I'd like to especially compliment & highlight the contribution of certain individuals who have made a difference for this event.

WanLynn, KaiChia & ShiYing for being sensitive to current events & promoting the idea to the cohort leaders.
Shawn Shim, our cohort leader, for agreeing to the idea from the beginning & staying in IPBA for 2 days to help preparations.
Nasrul, our head chef, for working so hard during the whole weekend: shopping, preparing, cooking & cleaning up after.
The Cohort 2 men who gave this event all they've got.
The Cohort 2 ladies who also worked hard for this event.
You guys made it happen!


  1. Anonymous3/12/08 17:46

    nice event . what does cohort means anyway ?

  2. my body still aches from it..... adoi!
    glad people are not food poisoned from my food...

  3. Ah, just ignore what other people want to say... at least you know you enjoyed your farewell bbq. ^^

    i had my farewell dinner on the same date as your farewell bbq. It was quite sad though... nevertheless, am looking forward to teaching in primary schools (not ipba)

  4. Nice party leh. At least u guys had fun and the party was a blast. As for me i don't think my Cohort will ever organize this kinda BBQ party with karaoke and stuffs as we are only 13 in our class. Pity eh? Sigh..

  5. OMG.. that buffet spread picture...totally had me salivating! yummy...

  6. Triple cheers to Cohort 2! =)

  7. i think that's awesome! :)

    with the economic situation now, seriously, staying simple is still th way to go ^_^

  8. You guys did fantastic! Cheers! Am proud of Cohort 2! =)

  9. Vio:
    A cohort is a group of people with something in common.
    As n my case, we are of the same batch/year.

    poor you...

    Good to hear that you are looking forward to teaching...
    But keep this in mind...
    IPBA was bad...
    Schools may be worse!

    You guys have more freedom because your numbers are small.
    You have more options than we did.
    I'm sure you guys will come up with something just as great.

    Nice leh~~~


    I'm trying to save too!


  10. Pame:
    Great leh!
    I think you guys will do a good one too!


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