Must Haves In My Future House

At the end of this year, I will finish my studies & move out of the hostel.
Next year, I will be teaching in a secondary school somewhere in Malaysia.
(Where exactly? I wont be informed until the end of December. This is will definitely cause logistic & emotional anxiety because school starts on the first week of January.)

I really cant wait to get a place to call home.
A place that I know I will be at for at least the next few years.
And I dont mind flatting or moving in with close trustworthy friends.
But what will I have in my house?

Dreaming about the fridge got me thinking about what else I must have in my house...
Well... Here is my wishlist!

1. Fridge

Picture taken from

As mentioned in the previous post, I will never be without a fridge...
It opens the door to too many sinful culinary pleasures to give up!
I dont mind sharing a fridge with the other occupants as long as I have one to use!

2. Xbox 360

Electronic entertainment is not something new.
Some people listen to the radio, some watch movies, some watch tv shows, some surf the internet while others, like me, play electronic games.
Therefore, amongst all other gaming devices, I want an Xbox 360 in my future adobe. (In a future post, I will justify my choice of gaming device.)

3. A Good Bed

taken from

Some people think that the most important part of a home is the aesthetics & the mood.
As for me, I can do without everything except a goooooood bed.
A good night's sleep can go a long way to enhancing your health, mood & performance at work.
After living for about 22 years, I realise that I MUST have good quality sleep.
If not, my day will... let's say... take a lot of extra effort to get through.
So I'll be aiming for a bed that is not too expensive but still comfortable & sleep inducing.

4. Internet Connection

The next thing that must have is an internet connection.
Nowadays, everything & everyone is online & connected in the world wide web.
There are few limits to what can be done online.
Instead of going all over the city, so much more can be done sitting in front of a shiny piece of plastic & going *tap *tap *tap!
I do my banking, shopping, movie booking, flight booking, hotel booking, communicating, writing, research & some money-making online!
Therefore, to me, a connection to the internet is a must.


  1. woot?! this is exactly my future post. serendipity sgt nieh. tp my number one is quality queen size bed. ngeheheh. so sape nk bg hadiah kawen bole la kasi set cadar ngan duvet ye. hikhik.

  2. 1. Washing machine.
    2. Fridge and stove.
    3. Internet.
    4. Huge ass closet.
    5. Full-length mirror.
    6. Bed.

    And I shall settle for nothing less haha. And oh, a hottie that comes with a Press-Me-For-Humour button will be ossum too =)

  3. haha.. Xbox la.. only RM199.90 u can get it want..

    haha.. ur drawing quite nice... but if i got my own condo.. i will buy myself a KING size bed from ikano.. and a set of sound system..

    make my condo as a disco..!!!!

  4. ah... wish i was at your place now... well, just one more year to go... hehehe.

  5. nice drawing ...
    draw it yourself ?
    buy a nice house then you can live in peace ...
    i can't imagine people's lives without then internet

  6. Aini:
    Great minds think alike!

    Full-length mirror = vain

    Xbox 360 for RM200?
    Where did you find that?
    I only do original la...

    Maybe you can visit when you get back eh?

    Yes, I drew it myself!
    MS Paint can do wonders!

  7. unbelievable ...
    i thought u got it from google image search ...
    u really have a Picasso ...
    i also got MS paint ...
    but i left that program to rot ...
    ha ha

  8. Duno wor.. my cousin told me.. He is also aiming for that...

    But i dont care him la... Always say buy sumthing for me.. at the end nothing for me!!! (><)

  9. Vio:
    MS Paint has its uses~~

    He probably has got a lot to worry about so dont hope too much!

  10. go sarawak... hahaha.... im sure u will love the nature there... :P

  11. haha~~
    Kami yang mengikut perintah...
    I have absolutely no say in where I will be in the future so I am keeping my options & my mind open to anything.

  12. Men! before i even finished reading i knew somehow somewhere you'd want a gaming device. Hahaha... No no it's a good thing. Healthy males do that.. Game....

  13. At least you know that we'll be at home most of the time instead of checking out the scene at the clubs or malls~~

  14. say yes to electronic entertainment! say yes to xbox360!

  15. u cant have an xbox360 and no tv u idiot

  16. Najib:
    YES!! YES!!!

    That's common sense...
    You're the fool for pointing it out!

  17. so IF u kena ulu belaga punya sekolah, how r u gonna even get electricity for your gadgets to function?


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