The Schoolday After The Holiday

Today is Monday.
Today is the first working day after a holiday.
Many people in the country would agree with me that this day is quite a miserable day.
After a week of relaxing & sleeping in...
I have to stay up late to think of lessons that will help my students understand & apply what I am trying to teach them, wake up early in the morning to go to school, manage classrooms of restless students who have been bored by other teachers all day & help them learn a langauge that many of them dont seem to have much interest in.

I was feeling somewhat down as I stepped into the staffroom...
And I was utterly shocked to arrive at my desk...
This was what I discovered...

Wen & ShinYi is baking again!
Now they have given Nesa, Shim & I a chocolate chip muffin each!

They were delicious!
It really did made my day & encouraged me!
Thanks, girls!

Dont feel like you have to continue baking for us, okay...
I dont mind if this is your last gift.
Although I would be more than happy to recieve more!
But no pressure, okay?


  1. LOL.
    Are they allowed to do that? I mean, like giving their teachers stuff...? It sounds like a bribe to me. meh :]

  2. not good meh???


  3. Anonymous25/8/08 22:53

    y teacher feel very pressure meh! we didnt feel tat ah! ????

  4. I always hated Mondays.. It's always a pain in the ass to wake up early in the morning and have to face the stupid KL jam right after the weekends.. ughh..

    *got distracted by the muffins..*

    ooh.. muffins.. why do teachers always get the good stuff.. sigh..

  5. Kouji,
    Now, dont you wish you had taken teaching? Hehehe.

    (Mom would have been so proud!)

    Let's have donuts soon! I have coupons so we can go crazy! =P

  6. Not really.. I'm not the teaching type lah.. hahha.. =P

    Ooooh.. I want donuts too..

  7. Ethan:
    No... It's not a bribe...
    These students are just being really nice to an underprivileged teacher...

    very good~~

    oh, i just want to let you guys know that its ok if u stop giving us your wonderful baking!
    we wont think badly of either of you!

    Why do teachers get all the good stuff?
    Teachers give good stuff to students too!
    What you give is what you get bro!

    Let's have donuts when I see you today!

  8. haha
    go dating wuiiii..
    We want to be spotlight!!!★

  9. Anonymous28/8/08 18:02

    n o la! teacher we got do extra want so ma.........
    dun think so much! haha!
    haha! i think after teacher leave our school no chance to eat liao!
    got la ur gf make de! hihi!

  10. If u get any luckier, perhaps cikgu will get a whole yummy cake soon. You know you are doing something right when kids love you that much *grins*

  11. ShinYi:
    I dont think you'll be spotlight because we would be ignoring you!

    I hope she read what you wrote!

    I dont want to just make them feel good...
    I want them to learn!
    And I'm pulling my hair trying to figure out the right combination...

    Hope you'll do just as well with your kids!

  12. i like the the thing that they put the cupcakes in! :D

  13. yeah~~
    me too!
    I can forsee them being talented bakers!


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