Why I Want To Be A Teacher

I have been asked many times by friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, students & other teachers, "why do you want to be a teacher?"
Few would be genuinely overjoyed when I say that I am training to be a teacher with the government in their Secondary Schools.
Some will pretend to be.

Many will ask with a similar tone...
Wondering why this man would choose such a profession.
A profession that has haunted & tortured them for much of their early years.
A profession with no promise of fame, fortune or status.
A profession regarded as the last resort to many.

Many think that I can do better in life & are blunt about it.
Blatantly arguing & putting down the profession.
But really...
Think about it...
Can I do any better?

My initial dream was to become a pilot.
I wanted to fly in the sky & be free like the birds...
I loved looking down on creation...
I loved to see harmony...
Every small piece working together to make a large difference...

But my dream was cut short because of parental denial.
Later on, I received a government scholarship to pursue a degree in English language teaching overseas.
My parents greatly agreed to this because they did some research and found that teaching was a profession that provided a secure future.
I detested the profession because my parents liked it.
I was the regular young & angry rebel.

However, as I progressed in the teaching course & aged like fine wine...
I began to mature as an individual & learned to assess critically...
That was when I saw it.
I saw the need in this country...
The need for a lethal linguistic injection.
I saw the need in the schools...
The need for a teacher who students follow.
I saw the need in the children...
The need for significance.

I looked down at myself & my two hands...
I asked myself, what shall I live for?
What is the purpose of my life?
Why have I been given so much privilege?
Then, I looked to my creator for an answer.
And He whispered into my heart.

I looked at the children & I saw their needs.
I looked at myself & found that I have been blessed with skills.
Skills which can meet these needs.
So, actually...
Can I do any better with my life & my skills?

My plan is to teach for 5 years first.
If I am a bad teacher & students dont learn anything, I will quit.
If I am a good teacher & I do good with the students, I dont see why I should stop providing a positive influence to the new generations.

From teaching, I may not receive fame, fortune or status...
But what I will have is memories & stories that are not only mine but shared by many little hearts all around the world.

What do you live for?
I chose to live for more than fame, fortune or status.
I live for blessing to be a blessing.

taken from letstalkscience.ca

"And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing."
Genesis 12:2


  1. Yeah. What you said is really true. This country needs proper passionate educators who don't laze behind the desk, thinking that students are just juvenile delinquents and are not teachable.

    It's really a difficult job to be a teacher; I be witness. But it is fulfilling, seeing your students pick up proper things and transform into better persons who would impact the society and use their talents for the good of others.

    At the same time, it is also satisfactory, knowing that what you possess will be taught, and somehow - just somehow - what you've given will be used well.

    Passionate teachers are rare, and it's good to see one around. =) No. It's good to know one. =)

    I pray that God will use what He has instilled within you to impact your students' lives like never other teacher around you can, simply because you have the true and living God, the Almighty who does miracles and speak to lives in the most astounding ways.

    =) God bless, Jarod. =)

  2. i'm blessed by your desire to bless! :)

  3. Whether or not I asked you the same question when you were here in Welly, I hope you're aware that I'm one of those who were genuinely overjoyed upon knowing your intention.

    As far as how you have explained why you chose this profession, you have my very high level of respect =)

    Have a good week ahead.

  4. Hey thanks for sharing. The thought of doing Masters of Edu just popped up last night, am asking God for direction. I respect and appreciate those who have a great heart in making contribution to education.

    Don't worry about the mistakes or failures that you might meet in your profession. You will reap much more from them. God has given you more than enough and you're prospering his people now!

    GBU! xoxo

  5. I feel you. It is truly exactly as what you've said it to be. Divine intervention can be a mysterious thing right? When i went into humanitarian work as well, people questioned my motives, even my parents. Long hours, small pay, emotional rollescoasters, less than rewarding benefits compared to the corporate world..It is hard for many to believe that some people would trade in Pradas' for a smile in return. Men cannot do it by their conscience alone. But divine intervention makes men do mysterious things, and thus keeps the heart happy and content.
    Keep up the Good Job...

  6. Educating one's mind is a talent only few have. =)

  7. ahh, teaching...such a noble job :)

  8. Repect.My utter respect for u. *salute!*.

    now this people, is what we should call passion. :)

    ps- heard ur teachin in an all girls school..(?)Coming from a girls school alumni, ..... brace yourself friend, u are about to be the ultimate eye-candy-slash-icon-slash-omg i want to marry him when i reach 18- figure for these schoolgirls. :)

    (But your lessons and teaching will also be appreciated of course,nonetheless). =)

  9. haha~~
    Thanks for the support, ladies & gentlemen!

    You have got it right, guys!
    If we do something everyday, we might as well do it with a purpose & with passion!

  10. teacher..
    gambateh ya..
    i agree with your opinion..
    we all 1 maju students feel proud of cause you are teaching us..
    we are lucky..got mr yong as our english teacher..
    and we get the chance to bully mr yong also..
    you are right!!
    Just be yourself..and be a excellent teacher la ya..
    teach us using your heart..
    if can,let us play games everyday la..
    [[wakaka XD]]

  11. ive never actually tought of the question. but now i do. it came to me during the mid-prac briefing. is this what i want to do? can i manage it?

    i enjoy teaching. i have great fun to know that my students enjoy the lesson and learnt something. i love to see their eagerness in learning.

    but no. i dont think i want to be a teacher. its not because i dont enjoy it. its not because i hate teaching. it has nothing to do with the students.

    but its the other things. lesson plan, search for the materials, admin things, and the time wasted on other things that hinder the teaching and learning activities.

    why i chose this programme. let me be frank- i just wanna go overseas.

  12. i same like u..but my ambitious is not parental denial..it's because of time + ability...when we getting older, and found that still got many thing for us to achieve then we may feel very scare..at last, will do soemthing that follow our current needs rather than take time to think on something that may not come out good soluion

  13. jarod,it's good to read such an honest take on teaching.7 months of teaching and i constantly wonder whether i have taught my students something.i must admit i'm not as 'pure-hearted' as i'd like to be,and sometimes teaching feels so frustrating,but i do my best because it's my responsibility.i hope my school will get english teachers like you.we're in chronic shortage of english teachers,what more the dediacted ones.and frankly speaking,i'm hoping to see one of you in my school next year.hope u'r coping well with practicum.best wishes.

  14. qi:
    I love to teach in your school...
    I love the students in my classes...
    They all so good to me.

    But your class a little bit naughty la...
    Maybe I should bring rotan next time?

    I know what you mean.
    At the beginning, I did not even think of becoming a teacher.
    I was just blindly going somewhere because I was a scholarship.
    I was sick of depending on my parents.
    But now I see the light!

    But I see the darkness too...
    Teaching in Malaysian schools involves a lot of clerical work, event organisation, report writing, course attending & other non-teaching related matters.
    And while doing all of the above, we are expected to come up with lessons that are effective & interactive for the students to develop as holistic individuals!

    To be a teacher in Malaysia, you need to be nothing less than great!
    I do feel the tiredness already seeping in but I think that if I can be a good teacher, I can be anything!

    Perhaps it is time you took a serious look at your life & make decisions that you will not regret in the future.

    You cannot deny your heart for long...
    It will either die or explode into a mid-life crisis.

    Be wise.

    Ain Hadhira:
    I know exactly how you feel...
    There is no way to know if they learn until they are assessed.
    And sometimes you do feel that you are not getting through to your lower proficiency students.
    I guess we will only truly know (by intuition) if something will work or if the students are learning anything after a few years of teaching.

    Just by voicing your concerns show that you are concerned for your students.
    A teacher who cares DOES make a difference!
    If not in language, then in a student's heart.

    Do not let your hope & love for the children fall.
    Do not label them as helpless.
    The only time I would label a student as helpless is when he/she actually doesn't want to be helped.
    Watch your attitude. Students label you too.
    The worst thing is sometimes they label themselves after you.

    Let's support each other & make each other stronger.
    Teachers work very hard for little reward...
    And it FREAKIN HURTS!!!
    But we have each other...
    Let's stop backbiting & actually start supporting each other.

    God help us all...

  15. Very true! :)

    We shouldn't do things because of fame and fortune. Life's too short for that. Purpose and Passion is the way to live!

  16. i believe that you will be a very good and great teacher that many of your students will remember you. you don't need fame and status to be great because if your a great teacher, every student will always remember you and have the greatest memory that no one can give you and them so JIA YOU!!!

  17. well-written jarod. wherever you may be posted to next year, whomever you may teach, they are a lucky bunch. hold on tight to the passion you've got =)


  18. [[wakaka XD]]
    Teacher..you can bring rotan next time..
    but for your information..
    we won't bother you de..
    then you should cane yourself..haa..
    we never caned by teacher since we enter this school lor..

    i admit that 1 maju is naughty..
    maybe we are the naughty students in school..
    but,that is good if we are naughty..
    cause this is original us..
    and ar..tell you something..
    honestly,i like play games in your class..
    i prefer games!!!

  19. when done right, teaching can be rewarding in the end but at times, the job does make me wanna... PUKE.

  20. SO CUTE! i like the lil hand!!

  21. Ada & Shiela:
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I know this nice little place where, if I am posted, will make the lucky bunch include not only my students!

    These is a time for fun & a time for focus.
    I can give you fun but it will be at the sacrifice of focus because of the lack of time I am given to teach your class.
    I know it is inhuman to make you to focus during my lesson when other teachers in your other lessons on that same day want you to do the same!
    But I have always tried my best to find a balance in my teaching to provide for some fun & focus.
    Be patient with me because I am still learning & I wish to do my best for you.

    I know what you mean...
    I myself have PUKED a few times...

    But let's keep going forward, aye?

    Adolescent girls...

  22. Okok..teacher..gambateh..
    1 maju girls here to support you kay..
    try your best la..
    try to be a best teaching teacher..
    hope so la..
    mr yong,teach teach teach!!!
    1 maju,learn learn learn!!!
    teach and learn also have fun ya..

  23. "From teaching, I may not receive fame, fortune or status...
    But what I will have is memories & stories that are not only mine but shared by many little hearts all around the world."

    these words really sparkle my mind and eyes.
    thank you, jarod..
    Blessed to have a friend like you. =)

  24. Qi:
    Thank you!
    That would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you...

  25. I'm sure you'll be one of the very few who truly inspires :)

  26. Hi sir,Im JasQ
    as well..i think now i same like sir before..My parent hope tat i be a teacher oso,but i wan to be a tourist guide..ingenuous they oppose wat i thinking now..and then everytime ppl ask wat i wan to do after spm ah..then i answer them "tourist guide" then my parent will automatically said..blablablablabla...i wonder why i should be a teacher...maybe im different with others...my parent said alot of advantage of teacher and hope i will change my mind now..this is becoz my brother had accept their advice..should i accept their advice or just follow the decision i make for myself...For me..if the thing i dun like if i must take it..i will juz do becoz of responsible... Sir,i should juz follow my parent advice or juz follow my ways??Juz giv some idea..becoz this few years,i persist in my decision but until the day sir n mr shim,mr nesa came our school..i start thinking izit i should follow my parent advice....

  27. June:
    With people like you to support me...
    I'm sure I'll be one of the best!

    I dont know you very well so I cannot decide your future for you.
    You have to decide it for yourself because you are the one who is going to enjoy it & suffer for it.

    I know some friends who hate physics but parents tell them they should do engineering & they follow.
    I know some friends who ignore what their parents say & do their own thing.

    No matter what you choose, we humans are designed by God to be great.
    We can learn and be good at things that we dont even know yet.
    So it doesn't matter what we choose as long as we can be happy with it & our hearts are with us in it.

  28. Erm..thanks sir 4 reply comment..i think sir r rite..as long as im happy..but started sure very hard..coz i can expect tat my mum sure very angry for my decision...but wat to do..i like travel^^

  29. =)
    I'm glad you made your decision.
    Remember to be wise.

  30. Xixi^0^..
    Thanks ya sir..
    Hope can keep contact wf sir after sir left our school..Ntg juz for msg..heehee^o^...Good luck!^O^

  31. Of course we can keep contact!
    You can read my blog & I can read yours!

    Me loves the internet!

  32. By reading what and how you think, I know you are going to be a great teacher... keep it up mate...


  33. Thanks, Nick...
    That is a boost to my dimishing morale!

  34. Xixi..I love internet too..but play too much my parent will blablabla to me...coz ...SPM around the corner....haiz....If i not mistaken..Sir u will left on my birthday week....^0^

  35. Well...
    As people we have to prioritise...
    There are things that we have to do soon & other things that we can do later.
    Internet is not a priority & it'll be great if u cud take a break from the internet for a while to give you extra time to prepare for SPM.

    I'm sorry that I have to leave during ur birthday week...
    Take comfort in knowing that your school is a good school & I would have loved to stay...

  36. Yaya..I know sir..
    Erm..Sure my school is the best school..although maybe quite not very dicipline but all the student are kind...i can see this since im a prefect...they all r cute..hehe...& Sir our school got alot of leng lui leh!..hahaha..joking^^
    Aiz..nvm la..my birthday week is my trial exam week...not plan to celebrate oso^^..if sir giv my present..erm..then i sure so happy de la^^..xixi..kidding..Im playful..

  37. ahah~
    finallY i noe that whY you wanna to become as a teacher```
    erm..i agree what you had wrote in your blog..
    although i didn't let you teached before, but just relief``
    but~i can feel that you're a responsible and excellent teacher.
    take care


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