When You Can't Get What You Want

Have you seen something that you really like?
Then, you researched all about it...
like it's name, address, phone number...
But as you were attempting to possess it,
you found that you couldn't?

Well, I have seen this something almost 6 months ago...
I have totally fallen in love with it...
and yet...
ever since the first sighting, I have never seen it again...
I have searched all over Malaysia & have yet to find...

I feel gay saying this but...
Just like a women, I have become obsessed with a pair of shoes...
I have given up searching for it on my own...
Now I'm opening it up to the internet & requesting that my readers assist me in my search for retail happiness!

It's a Converse All Star Jack Purcell
I saw it in a US Men's Health magazine 6 months ago so it should still be available.
For 6 months, I searched Converse boutiques all over Malaysia to no avail.
It looks like a Burberry design so I actually went to a few Burberry boutiques & enquired on the availability of their sneakers...
They had none that matched the beauty of this pair...

So do keep an eye out for it the next time you go shopping!!
Let me know if you have found it!!
I would be sooooo grateful!!
UPDATE: 24/7/2008
I sent an email to Converse.com & they have confirmed that this pair of shoes are out of production & is currently out of stock.
I was advised to look for any remaining stocks in retailers.
I've searched & there is obviously no more in Malaysia...
Anyone overseas willing to help out this poor sod?


  1. Think I've seen it at Shoe Connection here... keen? Will go look

  2. If you find it, I will be your eternal lover!

  3. Anonymous22/7/08 19:55

    Hmm..interesting..maybe I should look for a pair like it as well..

  4. Maybe you should...
    And then you would please send an extra pair to me?

  5. (Shoe hunting....you're edging into MY territory!!!)

    I cant seem to find any details of the shoes either...could it be a limited, one-off design? And it looks suspiciously more like a Converse Chuck Taylor...could Men's Health have credited it wrongly as a Jack Purcell?

    But anyway here's what I'd do...email Converse (international@converse.com) and ask them for the details and if the shoes are still in stock. If they do (yay!) and if you're dead serious, you can purchase them online from Converse itself (double yay!). they dont deliver to Malaysia, but they do ship to Singapore and that shouldnt be a problem. I can always help =P

    It sounds much like a complicated plan....but they're cool shoes!

  6. Thanks for the shoe hunting tip, Trish!
    I just sent converse an email with this picture!
    I hope they find it!!!!

  7. Went to shoe connection and they didn't have it there :(

  8. dank!
    Thanks for your help anyway!

  9. Obsession for a pair of shoes? Rather interesting! I think I hv the same obsession b4 but forgotten what it was for...Lol ..Btw, did you manage to find this pair of shoes in the end?

    1. Nope. Got something else instead. =)


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