I hava incredibly freakkin painful toothache which started late last nite...

Eating hurts...
Brushing hurts...
Swallowing saliva hurts...

I feel like im having a period in my mouth...
Its affecting my mood...
Its affecting my life...

Toothahe at the deep end of my mouth...
Slight fever & discomfort...
Yup... It's my wisdom tooth!

Any1 hav tips to help me?


  1. There's always the dentist... :)

  2. Paracetomal? or try massaging the gum that surrounds the teeth. However, the best would be seeing the dentist as your friend suggested : )

  3. Anonymous7/12/06 21:36

    ur wisdom teeth sudah keluar belum? it cud b caused by tat ler.

    go dentist... is it free to go there?

    if not, come back kuching. kuching cheaper.

    airasia cheap too.

    msia airlines.. ermmmmm....

  4. Anonymous8/12/06 08:40

    the dentist? :)

  5. after 2 days,
    my toothache has significantly decreased in intensity..

    Now i am able to have more solid food...

    thanks for ur advice guys!
    got sum panadol in hand but dun wana take it cz i wana train myself to be tolerant to pain...

  6. aww~that's cute.

    may you'll grow wiser dude.

    PS: what happen to this blog's template? I knoe I haven't been here for awhile, but...where's the lovely template? blogger beta ker?

  7. halo, ainee...

    i change the template once in a while to giv my blog some flavour...


  8. Well from what i've experienced last year is a whole week of headache when my tooth came out..then I went to the dentist..she said come back after the painkiller if it still hurtts...but lucky me..both my bottom tooth came out just fine..and I don't need any operation...phew~~~ Just check out with the dentist..and try not to eat anything that's hard. take care boy.

  9. Painful wisdom it is, eh? I avoided eating anything 'heaty', like those goreng goreng stuff, chips and hot/spicy stuff. Don't know if it helped, but whenever I had those, it contributed to the heat in my body, which aggravated the fever.

    My tooth isn't fully grown yet. It grows whenever it likes. period in the mouth. I guess you can put it that way.


  10. thanks for the great advice, everyone!
    its perfectly fine now...

    even thou i didnt see the dentist...
    i will do so when i gt back to Malaysia in a years time...

  11. Anonymous17/1/07 14:58

    If your third molar starts to get naughty again, put a warm cloth on your cheek (the side where the molar is erupting). Don't go back to dentists in Malaysia unless you requested a specialist to see you. Those who are not specialists, they are stupendously horrible in third molar extraction. No go to Malaysia!! Cheers...^^

  12. Anonymous17/1/07 15:01

    Oh yes, forgot to tell you and the rest. Though not fully erupt (or not extracted), you'll get a horrible discomfort at the beginning of autumn (or maybe during autumn)...So get those cloths and pills ready!! ^^


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